Have you had or still have gut issues?

Are you experiencing high stress in your life?

Do you want more clarity on the healthiest foods for you and your family?

Is your child a selective eater?

Do you wish to expand your family and need nutritional support for mum and dad?

Are you a Man who wants to be Optimal?

Do you experience fatigue or insomnia daily?

Are you in pain?

Do you think you have a food intolerance and want to investigate?

Do you have skin rashes or eruptions?

Do you have recurrent infections?


What is the impact of the food we put in our bodies?

Let me tell you.

It impacts our Mood. Our Sleep. Our Energy. Our Focus. Our capacity for conceiving. Our capacity to live pain-free. Our capacity to perform physically. Our capacity to be the best version of ourselves. Basically all areas of our lives.


I blend Kinesiology and Bush Essences to dig deeper and address any emotional & structural concerns that may stop you and your family from living your best and healthiest life.

The Australian Bush Essences

I believe our emotions affect how we behave, how we think, how we move, how we eat and how we deal with our surroundings.

Bush essences work incredibly well at peeling the layers and working with specific emotions/ life situations and acting as Catalysts to change.

They can support in:

Resolving negative (repetitive) patterns

Addressing (chronic, deep-seeded) emotional healing

Aiding communication skills

Managing stress levels

Life transitions

Family & love relationships

Trauma (emotional and physical)

Spiritual awakening

Aiding physical conditions

Resolving deep, chronic emotional situations that have been going on for years

Supporting creativity

Kinesiology – Touch for Health

Kinesiology is a way to access information about your body/health bypassing the brain.

Techniques used:
– Full Postural balance
– Stress release
– Kinesiology Food Testing
& more, based on your own unique needs and goals.

It may help in:

Balancing your posture, gait and coordination

Dramatically reducing stress levels and helping manage them

Relieving aches & pains (acute and chronic) anywhere in your body

Achieving mental clarity & focus

Overall functioning better and feeling better

Address stuck patterns and promote healthy shifting

It unkinks the hose of energy in the body and helps the natural flow of neuronal information for whole-body functioning.

Clinical Nutrition

Why book in to see me?

I am a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist (Bachelor of Health Science – Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine), practising with a holistic approach: looking at everything that is going on around you and your family.

  • if you or your family had a history of gut issues
  • if you or your family have food intolerances and/or just don’t know what to eat anymore
  • if you’re a man and want to achieve optimal mental physical emotional health
  • if you want real support to start your healthy food journey
  • if you want support in your weight loss/gain journey
  • if you’re a gym/exercise lover and want to nail the best diet for you that supports your training
  • if you want to get on top of your skin / hair health
  • if you’re planning to have a family and would love nutritional support around fertility (both mum and dads!)
  • if your child struggles with foods
  • if your sleep is not supporting your lifestyle
  • if your energy is not supporting your lifestyle
  • if you had a history of troubled menstrual cycles
  • If you want to elevate your mood
  • if you are going through a lot of stress in your life
  • if you want to support your immune system
  • or if you just want to get yourself to optimal health.

We will look for the ROOT CAUSE of what is holding your health back.

Some testing may be required to investigate deeper and get clearer information on what is going on and support you with ad hoc supplements, dietary and lifestyle interventions.

We want you to be on your journey for long-lasting achievements, and to gain knowledge for your whole life.